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    Q&A 3D Printing


    1. How is the 3D Printing product quality ?

    3D printing layer height can be as low as 0.1mm. Printing a big object using 0.1mm can take up to 15hrs. We normally print at 0.3mm and this can achieve a very good quality finish.


    1. What kind of post production service do we offer ?

    Untreated 3D printing object though good is not smooth like the plastic from toys. For professional design company we offer additional sanding and spray painting service which would give a very smooth printing service.


    1. How much time is needed to print an object from a modelling file ?

    Send us your CAD file. After simple inspection to determine if the model is 3D printable, an object can be printed in 24-48hrs depending on the size after a deposit is made. Multiple objects and post production service will require more time.


    1. What is the benefit of rapid prototyping using 3D printing ?

    3D printing cost a fraction the price of other traditional prototyping method. This new technology is becoming ever so popular. Your clients will appreciate the use of this new cool technology holding onto their hands.


    1. How much does it cost to print an object ?

    3D printing is only a fraction the cost of other rapid prototyping methods and depends on the size of the object. Please contact us for a quote.

    • Small 5cmx5cm
    • Medium 10cmx10cm
    • Big 20cmx20cm


    1. How about printing bigger than 20cmx20cm ?

    We can slice an object into 2 for printing and then merge them together using epoxy. Further sanding service can be applied to remove the seems.


    1. How about test printing ?

    We can print a small version of your object for you to see what your original size item would look like at using a discounted ‘Small size’ price.


    1. Is 3DPrinters2012 reliable ?

    We will refund your deposit and notify you in advance if we cannot make a print.

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    Q&A 3D Printing