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    State of the art ‘office-friendly 3D printer

    The appearance of 3D printers on the market something to come forth in the early 1980s, technological developments, because of this pre-production scene.

    Today, compare some of the wide availability of these 3-dimensional printer television shows such as “Star Trek”, but others see an opportunity to provide a CAD 3-D program in one end, and Print a 3D model in the other – .. purely from the “Matrix” series of movies.  Even some U.S. TV shows, these 3D printers and demonstrate their diverse applications to a significant degree

    The main objective of using such 3D printing systems to shorten the production and focus the decision-making process within the production process.  Rapid Prototyping as so possible to check the manufacturer and evaluate manufactured quickly and printed model, way before the actual product in ‘real’ production.  The advantage is described as the production process reduced and eliminated as a rule “marketing” and technological production of doubt before they start.  In journalistic terms, this would be considered ‘ . Proof ‘describes printed the article before their place in production technology its pressure before production  This 3D printers have a variety of applications ranging from medical to automotive to footwear, but they all have a common link, enter a chart – Print a real product to decide. before production begins.

    for a minute an athletic shoe companies like Nike or a cell phone companies like Nokia, to choose between a dozen cell phones and or shoe designs, locations on a LCD monitor without seeing the actual product. Such companies have in the past had a production of millions of units allow only run to halt production on the road due to unforeseen errors.

    Production Designer today the whole process with the help of a 3D Printer changed so that these companies actually print a sports shoe or a cell phone, electronics and plug the phone immediately or shoe to see if the product is actually what they wanted or it must change.

    in the media, Companies that reported Objet Geometries LTD supply multinationals like Addidas design and production centers with 3D printers that are active to improve production and reduce the lead time required to accelerate marketing plans and to improve competitiveness.

    There is no substitute actually hold the phone and using it, let examine the marketing people involved it from the beginning of production in the millions of units.

    Also say if some of the manufacturers of 3D printers, their printers’ office friendly “and the model is actually printed, life is there, the reality of the matter lies somewhere in between.

    Some printers rely on the production of these models with a sandy powder, glue, and an injection of color from 2-dimensional printer cartridges. The final result is a very poor finish on the models very poorly detailed and fragile models. The whole office friendly ideal is complicated by the tendency powder itself, which is distributed in the office environment, the walls, floors and clothes.

    In addition, these printers require a secondary refining process by immersing the printed model in a bath of super glue, rubber gloves and goggles for protection. ! Not really implement an office-friendly function by any standards

    Other 3D printer manufacturers like http://www.2objet.com another printing technology; Polyjet, so that the printer function in the same manor as a 2D inkjet printer bought down the street from your store Office Depot.

    The number of models with their Eden 3D printers resemble not so easy and really the original shoe phone or skull bones crack part. The Objet Eden 3D printers are the rest of the competition by allowing high-resolution model very thin walls, in various resins and with a wonderful smooth surface differentiated printed. In fact, the printed results are 3D models of such good quality that the layman is not able to say to the printed 3D model, apart from the actual production product.

    available in a real office environment with a very small footprint area and need a printer that is technologically years ahead of its time, the range of Objet 3D printer presents the exceptional choice.



    State of the art ‘office-friendly 3D printer